First Impressions Confessions

No matter how fast paced our culture gets, no matter how many advances in technology and medicine we make, some things remain inherently traditional. A good first impression remains one of those all-time, traditional cardinal rules in any relationship. Especially, when it comes to business affairs.

You only have about seven seconds to make a strong first impression according to businessinsider. That is, in person, not online. Online, we get a bit of wiggle room, even when it comes to things such as blogs and newsletters. We get to make it look nice and neat, and all dressed up. That being said, do the seven seconds in person really apply to an online reader?

Call me a rookie, but that’s what I intend to figure out by comparing two online newsletters, and two blogs. Being a not so know it all, I’m confessing my first impressions of these online writings, seven seconds included.

Let’s get down to business:
The bulldogreporter newsletter is a nice little tool to keep up with for an aspiring public relations professional, or even any young business professional really. Not too difficult to navigate. Not too much all over the place. It’s (almost) just right. It’s this rookie goldilocks opinion that while the bulldog is great in variety of topics and discussion for young PR professionals, it’s just that, it’s great just for them.

PR Mix                                                 Public relations quotes from

The target audience for this newsletter is definitely reached, but the readability, level of reading material, could be knocked down a peg or two. While I think it’s great that there are articles dedicated to helping me understand how to work Facebook to my networking advantage, and “How Segmenting Audiences Is Creating Giant Value for Companies,” I bet you didn’t even finish reading that entire title once you saw “segmenting audiences.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, and an eyeful.

holmes_downloadThe Holmes Report Logo

I see a similar problem occurring from one reporting newsletter to another. Even though theholmesreport looks like I died and went straight to colorful online magazine heaven, it also could possibly look way too over stimulating. It’s bright, it’s popping, it’s eye catching, and has all the little interactive box button icons I could want, however, the question comes to mind:

“Where do I start?”

Like previously stated with the bulldogreporter, the holmesreport has a variety of current events, tips, and advice for the young professionals out there. But, this goldilocks still feels like it’s not quite right.

On the blogger side of things, there is definitely a different vibe in the way these posts are written and sites are presented. My first looking at a shel of my former self blog site made me think of a type of modern, condensed, and still professional type of online newspaper. I had color, graphics, charts, and even easy to read posts. All great except for one little thing:

Such. Long. Posts.

They aren’t ill-worded or anything and are actually quite insightful. However, I think that as I said earlier, with as fast as our culture is getting, we expect quick results, and that includes not having to read anything for an extended amount of time to get my answers. The only main problem with former self is what information needs to stay, and what needs to go?

In comparison, thewellfedwritersblog feels like a perfect fit for this rookie goldie. Clean and organized, with just a dash of color and creativity. Added in with some personality and short, easy read level posts, I finally feel just right.

Even without all the graphics, there’s an easy relatable tone to his writing that’s possible to enjoy for all beginners. Makes me feel like I can just drink some coffee and pretend I know what I’m doing.

Oh wait….
Happy Impression Making.


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