PR Writing: So What?

When you hear someone say they’re in public relations what do you think? A lot of the critique behind the career of PR is about ethics, about manipulation and using the dreaded “s-word” to get your way:


Ugh. Such a dirty word. It’s like day one of my intro to pr class. Spin is not what we do in public relations.

I know, alright so then what’s the big deal? And what exactly is PR writing if not manipulation. Well, I’ll tell you through my PR writing class I have learned a little bit more about it, and why the writing matters so much.

The idea behind PR writing is yes, that you present a company or their interests in the best light possible. However, this does not mean at any point in time is there lying or manipulation going on. I have learned through this class that there is mutualBill Gates quote on pr beneficial relationship between a journalist and a pr professional when it comes to pitching stories, press releases, product releases, event notifications, etc. etc. It actually is a big deal for both sides to work together in collaboration, and, if done RIGHT can be extremely beneficial.

It’s like that old example of a symbiotic relationship between a clown fish, and a sea anemone. The clown fish, keeps the sea anemone clean and by inhabiting it, the clown fish is given a safe home away from predators. Granted there’s not exactly any life or death situations I believe going on in PR currently, BUT the point is that with a good established relationship from the PR department and the journalist/reporter, advertising vs. prnot only do pr professional get the job done, but so the reporters.

With credibility over time, each side can benefit from the other. The reporters have an influx and huge amount of stories at their disposal. The pr professional get to promote their company and their interest. In an ETHICAL fashion. Win win right?

I guess that’s my point when it comes to thinking about pr writing. Now granted, pr is many things other than just writing. But writing even after it’s switched up or has evolved over time, digital, print whatever you want to call it, it still has a purpose and it still has some basic principles. Writing is at the very basis of pr because writing itself is a form of communication.

We as people thrive to talk and communicate and share things with one another. Whether it be ideas or events that help to fund a charity or anything else you can think up of. So yeah, pr writing is a bit of a big deal, and it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t a collaborated effort.

Perhaps it’s important to keep that particular tid-bit in mind next you wonder why someone does public relations. It isn’t just persuasion and games my friends.

Happy PR Writing  x


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