Internet Killed The Print Release Star

I’ve been alive for twenty-two years. I’m a younin’ where most are concerned, but even I can remember when the first iPhone became a thing, when ebooks started to become popular, and when keyboarding classes became mandatory in grade school.

So yeah, I do know personal knowledge of a few changes that have happened just in my lifetime. I might carry my smartphone with me, but my parents still made sure I knew how to read a paper map should as my mom always say, “The GPS system lose signal and crap out,” car or otherwise.

One change I can, without a doubt wholeheartedly agree on is that print, in any form, is dying. I love reading books as only book nerds can, and have a bit of preference to actually read a physical book versus an e-book. But even this nerd travels with several types of e-book apps on her phone, from Amazon Kindle, to Bookbub. I can literally read virtually anything at the touch of my fingertips. How could you not love that?!

Is Print Dead? By: Jenna Loceff

Same goes for newspapers, advertising, marketing, etc. Even traditional print releases are dying. Everyone goes straight online. I would rather personally just look up something online like an article or news release, then go to the store and look around for it. It’s not so much laziness as it’s convenience.

It’s like when cellphones became the one thing literally everyone had: home phones became irrelevant. Print releases are not top priority. Not when I can get the exact same information, anywhere anytime, with a quick type and scroll online.

Some, including my purist side, feel that this is a really sad mark of the times.

From Slanted’s “Dead or Alive: Open Call” 

An impersonal take that used to have substance. On one hand, yes I understand this. On the other, my little millennial self feels like this isn’t exactly that unexpected. Life is all about here, now, next big thing, quick result etc. etc. I’m not saying we exactly have to like it, but what I am saying is that we definitely have to accept it as the new reality of the culture we live in.

And like any great PR guru worth their salt will tell you, you take that new reality, that new tool or perspective, and you work it to your advantage as much as possible.

Happy News Releasing (Online that is) x.


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